Owning your own childcare business doesn’t mean having to do it on your own. 

HINGE Brokers has the ideas and initiatives to help make your business better. Whether your childcare company is seeking to increase revenue, expand to a new site or simply needs advice on making better business decisions, our brokers are here to help. 



An operating business is a very different animal from the real estate on which it lives. There are different contractual agreements necessary to transfer business assets and the valuation parameters are different as well.

Luckily, our knowledgeable HINGE Brokers recognize the difference and can guide you smoothly through the complex buying and selling process. 

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Business Valuation

Childcare business owners invest their hearts and souls into their companies. But while most owners understand how to run their facilities, they don’t know the actual value of the companies they’ve built. 

A business valuation can help you gain better knowledge of your company assets, understand your company’s resale value, give you more negotiating power during mergers/acquisitions and gain attention from more investors.

At HINGE—based on relevant market data, your company’s historical income and your expense items—we can perform an in-depth analysis to provide you with an accurate business valuation report. 

Profit & Loss Reports

A profit and loss (P&L) report is a financial statement that summarizes the revenues, costs and expenses incurred by your private education business during a specific time period.

Regularly produced P&L reports and expense reviews are vital for every organization. They provide accurate, timely data on how your business is generating income and managing cost and can help you make better informed business decisions.

Preparing a P&L report can be fairly tricky if you don’t know what numbers to look for. So, at HINGE, we’ve created an all income-encompassing spreadsheet to input your business’ financial data and analyze where your childcare company is succeeding and where it is struggling.

Strategic Financial Management

If you want to maximize revenue and control expenses for your childcare company while still providing quality services to the children and parents you serve, you must develop a financial strategy. 

Strategic financial management focuses on your early education business’ long-term success. It helps ensure your financial control and lessen your financial risk. All team members, especially managers, should have a full understanding of your financial strategy and be trained to implement its techniques.