Building lasting relationships with our clients.

What to Expect

Steps to Take Before Selling

  • Learn about the overall process & ask questions
  • Take steps to maximize value in the planning process
  • Develop your internal company team
  • Identify what information to have available
  • Develop your External Selling team to Manage the Process
    • As your Broker, Hinge possesses the following:
      • Experience in the education industry
      • Contacts and relationships with national and regional buyers
      • Financial, operational, and real estate knowledge
    • Engage an attorney to review legal documents
    • Prepare financial statements with your accountant

During the Process HINGE will

  • Take precautions to maintain confidentiality
  • Analyze the financial situation and develop asking values
  • Seek acquisition prospects focusing on value and culture fit
  • Assist in preparing due diligence items
  • Negotiate offers with a creative approach

During the Closing Process HINGE will

  • Present non-binding letters of intent for consideration and approval
  • Negotiate offers with you as the decision maker
  • Coordinate signing legal sale agreements
  • Assist in development and submission of final due diligence
  • Make people and communication a priority
  • Have a successful closing
  • Allow you to celebrate and relax!