carrie Pergerson

Business & Transactions Manager


With more than 20 years’ experience in business to business services, Carrie found a place where her attention to detail and relationship building skills excel.

Carrie began her career as a broker and senior account executive for an employee benefits brokerage firm in Charleston, SC. Working with employer groups of all sizes and industries, Carrie developed strong relationships with her clients with frequent communication, detailed management of their employee benefits and annual strategic planning for renewals.

At HINGE, Carrie continues to use her unmatched facilitation skills to aid clients through the complex transaction process.  Her keen eye for detail, knack for organization and great work ethic helps keep HINGE afloat—not to mention her bright smile and personality. 

Now living in Greenville, SC with her husband and three children, Carrie is very involved in her community—serving as a Foundation Board Director/Secretary for the James F. Byrnes Foundation; volunteering at local wildlife rescue and rehab animal sanctuary, Izzie’s Pond; and founding an alumni service network within the James F. Byrnes Foundation lovingly called Maude’s Angels. Carrie enjoys hiking with her family, cooking, reading Jen Hatmaker books and playing with her golden retriever, Sunny.

Carrie received a B.A. in Corporate Communications from the College of Charleston.