HINGE Brokers hosts a variety of events throughout the year to better serve the early childhood education industry.

We like to launch the year with our annual conference aimed at improving the business side of your organization. And if you can’t attend that event, our monthly webinars cover a variety of topics from staffing tips to marketing guidelines to full enrollment strategies. Then, twice a year, we pick an iconic U.S. city and host a one-day workshop for childcare business owners to dive into all things financial. Learn more about these great events below.


Masterclass Series

Join HINGE during your lunch hour once a month to learn about the financial and operational dynamics of hiring, developing and managing a solid team. 

Thrive Workshops

One-day workshops hosted in iconic U.S. cities designed to help early education owners and directors dive deep into all things financial. 

Shift Conference

A three-day conference - carefully curated and thoughtfully designed to improve the business side of your early childhood education organization.