How do you ensure confidentiality is maintained?

Confidentiality is critical in a selling process. Experienced buyers understand that maintaining confidentiality about the transaction until both parties are ready to communicate it positively is essential in maintaining the current business and creating a calm transition. Hinge provides a confidentiality agreement to each prospective seller before receiving any financial information and we require the same of any prospective buyers during the process. 

How do I know what my business & real estate are worth?

Hinge begins with an evaluation of the current business and real estate and advises the potential seller of options and value in the current marketplace, along with an explanation of the process and timing. No company is listed and marketed for sale until we have mutually agreed on the asking price and Hinge is confident that viable buyers are available in the marketplace. In addition to monetary value, culture match of buyers and sellers is important in a successful transition.

What is the selling process like?

It is an emotional experience for sellers who have worked hard to create a special business and are now moving to a new phase in their lives. Communication is critical during the process and Hinge takes special care to create an open relationship where clients are coached and counseled at each step of the process, minimizing surprises. Special care is given to treating people with care and respect. Understanding the nuances of educational businesses is vital to having a positive selling experience.

Will a new owner want to keep my staff?

Absolutely. Quality staff is the most important asset being acquired in an educational business. Buyers understand that families attend the school because they are pleased with the current staff and its operation. Buyers will endeavor to make all staff feel secure and will deliver communications during the process, as mutually agreed upon with you, and after the closing. 


What makes Hinge different & why should I engage you?

Over 50 years of combined experience in operational and brokerage roles in the national education environment makes Hinge team members uniquely qualified to lead a sale with care and confidence. Our successful experiences with the nation’s most credible and experienced buyers mean that we have gained a positive reputation with buyers. Hinge exclusively manages educational transactions, which gives us the unparalleled ability to advise sellers about the current and potential value of companies in our industry.



What options are available for my real estate?

While each transaction is unique, some sellers desire to retain their real estate for tax or long-term investment properties, while others choose to sell the real estate simultaneously or at a later date. Hinge can advise you on market conditions and the various strategies for keeping or selling your real estate.



What fee do you charge for your services?

As each transaction is unique, fees typically vary depending on the size, scope and complexity of the components. Furthermore, Hinge employs creative approaches to gain you additional value beyond the traditional cash-for business price.