A Year-End Letter from HINGE

Dear Friends,

As 2018 comes to a close, I am appreciating each and every one of you who the HINGE team has had the pleasure to work with and serve in either our training events, consulting services or both. I would like to share an activity that I performed today and borrowed from Tim Ferris (one of my Fave Weirdos). Tim says that instead of writing New Year’s Resolutions, get a piece of paper and your 2018 calendar and spend 30-60 minutes evaluating the people, commitments and activities from the past year.  

  1. Grab a notepad and create two columns: POSITIVE and NEGATIVE.

  2. Go through your 2018 calendar and take a look at each week.

  3. On your notepad, jot down any people, activities or commitments that trigger peak positive or negative emotions as you experienced them and put them in their respective columns.

  4. Based on your responses, plan more and participate in more of your positive activities and spend more time with your positive people. Eliminate people, activities or commitments that caused negativity.

As I made my way through my calendar, there were no surprises in what caused me significant positive and negative feelings, but very powerful to see them in writing.  If you are like me, you will feel yourself physically experiencing positive or negative energy just writing the words. I would encourage you to join me in moving into the new year by deliberately questioning any people, commitments and activities that cause you distress and fill your year with those that bring you joy.

Be Well Friends,

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Meredith Martin