Five Ways to Improve Your Childcare Center’s Curb Appeal

Does the outside of your early learning center mirror the quality of child care inside?

The environment you create around your facility is critical to gaining positive attention and making prospective parents feel comfortable placing their children in your care.

Improve your childcare center’s curb appeal and property value by following these guidelines:

Landscaping and Lawn Care
When it comes to boosting curb appeal, landscaping is your most cost-effective task. A quick mowing of the lawn, outing of weeds and trimming of bushes and trees and the outside of your center will perk up immensely. Flowers are also a great way to brighten the outside of your early learning facility and invite in inquisitive minds. Plant flowers along footpaths and in garden beds—or, if you’re lacking outdoor space, plant flowers in pots and window boxes to keep your front entrance flora-filled. 

Paved Parking
A parking lot in disrepair is inviting to no one. Invest in a paved lot with clearly marked parking spaces—including visitor spaces as this will help prospective families feel welcome. Repairing parking can be costly, however, paving and painting only needs to be done once every 10 years. And if it’s just line painting that needs doing, you can purchase pavement paint at any home improvement store.

Eye-catching Outdoor Signage
Clear signage is important for any store-front business, but it is especially critical for childcare centers. Use colors and graphics that are memorable and will stand out to those walking or driving by. Attend to the upkeep of your signage so it doesn’t fall into disrepair. It’s also a great idea tie colorful, helium balloons to your sign every now and then to grab even more attention from passersby.

Front Door Facelift
Your childcare center’s front door is its first impression to potential customers. Give it a fresh paint job, replace any rusty fixtures, wash the windows and add new, colorful decals to draw the eyes of people passing by. A welcome mat and some potted plants can also give your entrance a friendly, home-like feeling to further entice parents into your center.

Light It Up
Exterior lighting is an affordable way to boost your childcare center’s curb appeal. A simple spotlight on your signage or front exterior will draw people’s eyes to your facility in the evenings. Likewise, a few fairy garden lights will add something mystical to your façade—creating a magical environment for the little ones in your care.

Meredith Martin