THRIVE versus SHIFT: What's the Difference?

Recently, many of you have asked, “What’s the difference between your THRIVE Workshops and SHIFT Conference?” So we thought we would give everyone a bit more information to help distinguish between these two incredible events.

THRIVE is a one-day workshop presented and led by HINGE’s knowledgeable brokers and childcare business experts. These workshops are limited to 100 participants and are designed to allow for small group discussions as well as individualized attention and support. Our goal is to work directly with childcare owners and directors as they analyze their school’s financial situation, brainstorm pricing possibilities and create a budget/benchmark for their annual analysis of results. In addition to this action-packed, one-day event, attendees will receive ongoing support as our team of brokers and consultants work with you before, during and after the workshop to answer questions and provide meaningful content to help you and your business THRIVE. Interested? Register now for our upcoming workshop on Friday, September 14th in Boston by visiting

SHIFT is our annual, three-day conference that gets stakeholders from across the industry together to discuss current childcare business and financial trends and opportunities. At this event, HINGE is your host and facilitator - bringing you updates from owners across all lines of early education: real estate investors, lenders and entrepreneurs providing innovative services to early learning schools and their directors. At SHIFT, there are no vendors or sales pitches, just meaningful content and introductions (as well as a whole lot of fun!) Look for registration to open in early August for our 2019 SHIFT Conference hosted in Austin, TX from February 20-23. Learn more about the event at

Meredith Martin