HINGE Sells Mother Goose School in San Francisco

HINGE is pleased to announce the sale of one of the longest serving schools in the Western United States—Mother Goose school in San Francisco, CA! The school opened its doors in 1951 and has been owned and operated by the same family for its duration.

With the family’s current generation reaching retirement age, they decided to engage HINGE Brokers to evalutate of the market value of their business and its real estate and identify the best process for the family to optimize this value.

HINGE determined that the family would be better off declining aggressive offers from residential developers in the area who wanted to demolish the school and its facility. Instead, we believed the better move was to identify qualified regional and national buyers who could continue the family’s legacy and become a credit tenant throughout the extent of a 15-year lease.  Augmenting the whole deal was a key decision by the current director (and family member) to accept the position of Director that was offered by the Buyer.  This allowed for both continuity and a forward-looking perspective on the school’s high quality education supported by immense resources. 

This strategy enabled the family to collect current income from the rental stream, avoid a re-assessment of the property taxes and provided a strong liquidity event for the family to reap the rewards of their decades of hard work.

For many clients of HINGE who happen to own the real estate in which their business operates, exploring the idea of becoming a landlord has many positive attributes. Of course, some sellers prefer to sell everything and diversify into other forms of real estate investment. We can help each seller identify the best approach for their personal needs.  

If you would like information about how HINGE Brokers can help you “open the door” to a new life after the day-to-day responsibilities in the childcare industry, please contact us at info@hingebrokers.com.

Meredith Martin