Sale of Independent Childcare Center in Connecticut

Hinge is pleased to announce the sale of an independently owned childcare center and the accompanying real estate in the Connecticut market.  Senior Broker and National Real Estate Director, Mike Pepper, worked closely with one of our clients whose paramount objective was strict confidentiality throughout the sales process.  Most of our clients desire confidentiality, and we recommend close control of the selling materials, but in this case the small size of the marketplace and risk of disruption among staff and customers made confidentiality of the sale even more important. To achieve this, the client requested that the only prospective buyers to be considered should not be located in Connecticut. Although this restricted the buyer pool, Hinge was able to identify a regional player who had wanted to open a location in Connecticut for some time.

In addition, Hinge navigated the complex licensing process with the State through an innovative purchase structure that allowed for the purchase to occur prior to the issuance of a new license.  This is not available in most states, and is not recommended for most transactions, but in this case it was the optimal solution.

This particular buyer prefers to acquire the real estate as well, and our seller was able to achieve their objectives:  a confidential transaction, while also monetizing the equity hidden in the value of the real estate where the school operated.

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