Faith-Based Company Ready to Grow in Denver, CO

A client was ready to grow their faith-based brand, which led Hinge to act as a tenant’s representative to secure a lease on a vacant child care building in suburban Denver, Colorado. Although the building was under lease to a charter school operation, the charter school had not opened at this location and Hinge knew that the landlord (a financial institution well known to Hinge) was amenable to replace the existing, but non-operational tenant, with a new tenant whose school business was growing.  This vacant facility was a terrific fit for the growing operational organization.

Hinge was able to negotiate a favorable 20 year lease for the new operator, including an option to purchase the building halfway through the lease term.  Hinge helped facilitate the new operator’s evaluation of the market dynamics for their brand of school, and provided some business commentary on the proposed form of lease, which was useful to the tenant and the tenant’s attorney.

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