HINGE Summer Speaking Engagements


Capital Roundtable Masterclass
HINGE Founder & CEO Kathy Ligon has been asked to speak at the 2019 Capital Roundtable Conference on Private Equity Investing In Education-Focused Companies in New York City on Thursday, July 18.

Kathy will be featured alongside a panel of experts at they discuss "Investing in Childcare & Pre-School Companies—What Are PE Firms Doing to Add Value?"

The Capital Roundtable Conference is being held in midtown New York City and is “all-business, all-targeted and all-designed to be a completely focused day of practical information and revealing insights about education companies.”

Learn more about this event at https://capitalroundtable.com/masterclass/EducationB2019.html.


CQEL Director’s Institute
THRIVE Consultants Molly Petchel and Kathe Petchel will be presenting three hours of content at the upcoming CQEL Director’s Institute on Wednesday, July 31 in the San Luis Obispo area.

Molly and Kathe will share their knowledge on ‘Marketing in the Digital Age’ as well as ‘Recruiting, Motivating and Retaining Staff.’

CQEL’s Director’s Institute is a two-day seminar designed to offer practical tools and resources to support high-quality childcare business management and help directors manage their programs, enhance employee satisfaction and achieve optimal results!

Learn more about this event at https://www.caqualityearlylearning.org/events.

Meredith Martin