CQEL's Spring Conference Event


HINGE Senior Broker Henry Tiberi alongside THRIVE Consultants Kathe Petchel and Molly Petchel are excited to attend the 2019 CQEL Spring Leadership Conference at the California Endowment in Sacramento on Tuesday, March 26th.

The team will host roundtable discussions on topics including succession planning, enrollment and marketing—moderating discussions and providing valuable input to attendees. And with Kathe’s insights on how to get staff buy-in to grow enrollment, Molly’s secret shopping knowledge, and their collective knowledge on turning phone and tour leads into enrollments, the attendees are bound to get their money’s worth. Not to mention our senior broker Henry knows every step a school needs to take to maximize its value and how best to plan for their eventual exit as well as the different options for exiting. Team HINGE is bound to drop some knowledge at this conference event!

HINGE is an official CQEL partner.

Meredith Martin