Oh The Places We Have Been!


Have you seen us lately?  February was a very busy and exciting time for us with speaking engagements at various locations and in a wide array of climates! Kathy ushered in February by presenting in sunny Cancun at the 2016 AELL Owners & Directors conference with a focus on “Succession Planning…What is Your Exit Strategy?”  This is a great topic to discuss with owners with the forward-thinking question of, “You’ve built a business, now what?”, so that they are not waiting until they are ready to sell before thinking through their exit strategy.

Days later, Reagin was in Columbia, SC at the SCAECE Annual Conference with a Financial 101 “Ability to Thrive presentation. Knowing what the current state of investment is within our industry is key to keeping up with the value of your business.  Reagin talked participants through the valuation process by tracking performance, keeping tabs on cash flow, and the “big picture” of revenue and expenses.

Can you say odd weather? Mike and Kathy wrapped up our February speaking engagements in an unusually warm 70+ degree Denver, CO at the Rocky Mountain Early Childhood Conference.  They presented “Yes, It’s a Mission, but It’s Also an Investment”, with an interactive session discussing the current state of investment in educational businesses and real estate.  They also engaged the participants with possible types of exit strategies, how to value a business and real estate in our industry, and how to maximum value within your business.

We would love to hear from you with any other conferences where you would like to see us present. To provide us with feedback on potential conferences, or to learn more about how Hinge can support your buying or selling needs, please contact a member of the Hinge team at info@hingebrokers.com