Sale of Childcare Businesses in Raleigh and Memphis Markets

Hinge announced on October 10th the sale of four child care centers located in the Raleigh, NC market.  As part of the business sale, the Hinge team negotiated a long-term lease for the future benefit of the former business owner who will use the real estate as investment properties.  The business owner developed a strong team that operated high quality educational programs and made a positive impact to the families in their care for over 20 years.  The transaction enabled the seller to realize the value gained in their business while transitioning them to a buyer capable of continuing the services to grow the market and as well as further develop its people.  The Hinge team was honored to lead the negotiation and to be a part of the positive transition experience for this group of early education centers.

On October 31, 2014, Hinge facilitated the sale of two early education centers located in the Memphis, TN market. The pair of schools were a new entrance into the market for one of the nation’s largest education groups who was strategically placed to further develop the market.  This business transaction also included a simultaneous real estate sale to a REIT that specializes in the industry.  The sellers were individual owners seeking to transition their businesses and real estate to national buyers capable of supporting the growth and development of the programming and teachers located there.  Hinge was pleased to be a part of helping both organizations meet their selling and growth objectives.