Succession Planning...What is Your Exit Strategy?

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As we are mid-way through our spring conference series, we have enjoyed discussing Succession Planning with business owners as they consider the future of their companies.  It is beneficial to begin things with the end in mind, regardless of the age of the owner, the phase of the business life cycle, or the current economic factors, as maximizing value happens long before a sale! In addition, it is our experience in advising potential sellers for the last 30 years, that maximizing value and providing quality educational programs are not at odds with each other.  Having a financially healthy school is the only way to provide the resources you need to support strong teachers and managers, invest in the physical location, and constantly stay on top of trends in curriculum and technology.

Whether it is your plan to:

  • Sell to a Family Member
  • Sell to an Employee
  • Sell to an Individual New to the Industry
  • Sell to a Local Competitor
  • Sell to a National or Large Regional Operator

Beginning the plan years in advance will bring the smoothest transition, develop the most professional team of advisors, and maximize the financial value of the business resource you have worked so hard for.  Hinge is happy to chat with and advise business owners at any time and any stage of your planning.  For more information or to learn more about how Hinge can support your buying or selling needs, please contact a member of our team at

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