Unique Business-Only Transaction in Denver

Hinge is pleased to announce the closing of a very unique business only transaction in the Denver market.   Mike Pepper, Senior Broker and National Real Estate Director, worked with our client who operated a child care center for over 20 years in a building owned by the federal government that was in the middle of a large government-owned business center where the surrounding organizations were all affiliated in some way with the federal government.  This child care business operated under a license issued by the government with fairly strict rules about transferral.

Initially our client was unclear how to unlock the business value that had accumulated over the 20-year longevity of the business given the various constraints and lack of any permanent claim to the real property.   Hinge studied the situation and created a marketing plan that would appeal to national operators who were familiar with “on campus” child care services.  Three written offers were obtained, each with their own innovative deal structuring terms and conditions.  Hinge provided financial analysis and transaction advice to the seller, and one candidate was selected who appeared to have the best chance of closing.

Hinge worked with the buyer and seller to navigate the unusual road map to get the deal approved through a variety of 3rd parties that had oversight, and we were very pleased to assist our client in creating value after all their hard work.

Should your child care business not fit into the traditional model, and you are seeking to grow, or sell, please reach out to a member of the Hinge team at info@hingebrokers.com to explore the range of options.