This includes adequate bathrooms, hand-washing stations and even clean water filters. In addition, PoP will continue to equip teachers in the classroom with all the resources they need to be successful. 

But that's not all, HINGE is also committed to matching each donation made to our team page dollar for dollar, all the way up to $50,000!

Will you help us raise money to provide students in these communities with more educational opportunities? One hundred percent of online donations will go toward the schooling of Pencils of Promise students. This means your donation will have a direct impact on kids who need it most.

Help us reach our goal by making a donation today.

HINGE believes every child, no matter their nationality, economic status or religion, deserves a quality education.

Unfortunately, 250 million children across the globe don’t have access to comprehensive reading, writing and math schooling.

This is why HINGE Brokers has decided to team up with Pencils of Promise, a nonprofit organization partnering with communities in need to build schools and provide educational support where it’s needed most.

We are committed to raising $100,000 toward PoP's school build fund, which will provide a safe and engaging learning environment for students in Guatemala, Laos or Ghana.


These incredible images were captured by Nick Onken Photography

For more information on Pencils of Promise, visit their website.