Each real estate transaction is unique.

Some sellers desire to retain their real estate for tax or long-term investment properties. Others choose to sell their real estate simultaneously with the business. Whatever path you choose, HINGE can advise on market conditions and a variety of strategies for keeping or selling your real estate.


Site Selection & Development

Determining the correct location for your early education facility isn’t as easy as liking a particular space. There are a lot of factors to take into consideration. At HINGE, we aim to analyze and understand the demographics, traffic, zoning and developmental regulations associated with each space.

Financing & Sale/Leaseback Transactions

HINGE works with financial lenders and provides them with all the necessary information required to consider investing in your childcare facility. As well as helping finance your business, HINGE can help you manage a sale and leaseback transaction. However, this kind of arrangement must be carefully considered as it involves selling your property and then leasing it from its new owner.

Asset Management

As your early education facility’s real estate asset managers, we focus on maximizing your property value and investment returns. Understanding the life cycle of a real estate portfolio, HINGE Brokers help you reduce expenditures, find revenue sources and help mitigate your liability and risk.

1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges

If you’re not a tax nerd, you probably don’t know much about Internal Revenue Code Section 1031. Luckily, we are. Known as a like-kind exchange, a 1031 exchange allows a taxpayer to defer recognition of capital gains and related Federal Income tax liability when swapping one business or investment asset for another—a useful strategy when selling an early education investment property.

Acquisition Due Diligence

Mergers and acquisitions in the early education business involves an extensive amount of due diligence by buyers. Whether this includes detailed background checks, zoning confirmation, use permission, development regulations or insurance requirements, our real estate professionals can guide you smoothly through the process and help tick all of your boxes.

Many early education facilities are owned by third-party investors who lease properties. At HINGE, we use our unparalleled knowledge of market conditions and cultural analysis to advise on whether this is the right choicee for your childcare company. 

Sale of Net-Leased Facilities & School Investment Properties